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Welcome to Everlasting Stories

short fiction for the people

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Everlasting Stories was a new twist on the pulp of old;

bold & speculative fiction for the modern era.

Meet the Everlasting Stories Series

Vihara: Science fiction so epic, we have to call it Cosmic Fantasy. This coming-of-age tale of student Robin Sagara is a spiritual tapestry woven across multiple dimensions.


Unspeakable Stories: Unrelated sci-fi shorts that are like H.P. Lovecraft on the set of the Twilight Zone. These short, one-off stories are brain-melters, and often have a holiday theme.


News from Crate: Quaint surrealism at its finest. Crate is a strange small town filled with odd mysteries, quirky characters, and adventurous romance.


Diary of the Green Snake: East meets West in this refreshing take of the Western fiction form. Life on the dusty trail is hard enough if you're a woman, worse if you're a "witch"...


Titan Station: Abandoned inside the sci-fi nightmare of a shattered space station, Ben and Sarah awake after centuries of hypersleep to a future desperately needing their expertise.


Detective Luke Miller: What begins as pulpy, noir mystery quickly grows into cinematic action and adventure when P.I. Luke Miller makes mythical friends and confronts apocalyptic enemies.


Ostreia: This self-contained steampunk city drifts majestically through the stars. A sinister plot unfolds that threatens the city's beating heart, and new heroes must rise to the challenge.


Twisted Tales: Refreshing remixes of classic fairy tales featuring role reversals, feminism, individual empowerment, and other themes for thoroughly modern readers.


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Vihara #1 - Ascension by Michael Strand

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Short Fiction

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