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Minneapolis Publisher Features Local Authors in New Fiction Podcast

Stories from Up-and-Coming Minnesota Writers, Now for Your Headphones

 -- MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June 25, 2019 --


  The Minneapolis-based indie publisher Sic Semper Serpent recently launched the Everlasting Stories Podcast, featuring original, short fiction by up-and-coming Minnesota writers. The podcast is described as “modern pulp fiction”—which includes science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, westerns, and noir mystery.


Each episode features a short story from the Everlasting Stories archive, lovingly read by the host, Sic Semper Serpent Managing Editor Michael Strand, who has a background in journalism and performance. 


The Everlasting Stories Podcast consists of several series, starting with a five-episode run of the sci-fi space adventure Titan Station, written by the host. Other series include the News from Crate by Nathaniel Hicklin, The Casefiles of Luke Miller by D. Zane Davis, and Twisted Tales by Christina DZA Marie—each released story-by-story on a biweekly basis.


“I find it strange that original short fiction has been so overlooked by podcasts,” said Sic Semper Serpent Editor-in-Chief T. Martin Crouse. “There are some great story podcasts already up and running—don’t get me wrong—but not many compared to the number of true crime or interview shows out there.”


Creating “fun, enlightening literature that captures the imagination” is the podcast's stated mission. Something that Crouse feels will provide an effective niche for the fledgling broadcast in a vast field of do-it-yourself podcasts.


“I think short stories lend themselves naturally to the podcast format. What we’re attempting is like the audio version of an old sci-fi pulp magazine. Multiple authors, each working on a story series or two, regularly churning out vibrant content in a very popular, very affordable medium. Except we try hard to be inclusive and tolerant in a way they weren’t back in the old days of pulp.”


If Sic Semper Serpent’s goal is to cast a wider net, they’ve certainly chosen the correct outlet for their fiction. For a small monthly fee, the entire archive of Everlasting Stories can be read on their page on, a subscription service supporting artists and content creators. For a little more, VIP Patreon listeners can get exclusive access to new podcast episodes weeks before they go out onto public platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


The modern internet landscape lends many new outlets for do-it-yourself publishing.


“I think we are entering into a golden age of publishing,” said Managing Editor Michael Strand. “I hope that the internet can enable the production of content that inspires a new generation of readers and writers, who will create excellent literature well into the Twenty-First Century. And I hope our podcast stands out for being fun, progressive and inspiring.”


In the rapidly-changing publishing industry, pioneers must seek new methods to connect with their audience. Podcasts, social media and crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon have become increasingly popular tools for creating work beyond the bounds of traditional publishing.


Sic Semper Serpent has leveraged this do-it-yourself spirit into a vibrant new outlet for some of Minnesota’s most talented young writers. Their long-term success will depend on their ability to reach a large and receptive audience, hungry for great literature.


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Sic Semper Serpent Managing Editor Michael Strand

 ABOUT THE HOST: Michael Strand is a 2008 graduate of Soka University of America and has worked as a reporter and editor for more than a decade. As Managing Editor at Sic Semper Serpent, he’s developed and curated the Everlasting Stories archive, and edited multiple books like Spontaneous Combustion and The Adventures of Israel St. James. Strand also has years of theater experience to amplify his role as host of the Everlasting Stories Podcast.

CONTACT: T. Martin Crouse, t [dot] martin [at]

The Everlasting Stories Podcast is available now:

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