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About the Stories

All short fiction in this Free Stories Newsletter comes from our full Everlasting Stories archive, where stories roam free and proliferate. You will sample the first in each of these series (and more!) when you sign up for the newsletter, but you'll have to subscribe to the archive to read everything. It's $1/month, so you know, big spenders only.



Vihara: Science fiction so epic, we have to call it Cosmic Fantasy. This coming-of-age tale of student Robin Sagara is a spiritual tapestry woven across multiple dimensions.


Unspeakable Stories: Unrelated sci-fi shorts that are like H.P. Lovecraft on the set of the Twilight Zone. These short, one-off stories are brain-melters, and often have a holiday theme.


News from Crate: Quaint surrealism at its finest. Crate is a strange small town filled with odd mysteries, quirky characters, and adventurous romance.


Diary of the Green Snake: East meets West in this refreshing take of the Western fiction form. Life on the dusty trail is hard enough if you're a woman, worse if you're a "witch"...


Titan Station: Abandoned inside the sci-fi nightmare of a shattered space station, Ben and Sarah awake after centuries of hypersleep to a future desperately needing their expertise.


Detective Luke Miller: What begins as pulpy, noir mystery quickly grows into cinematic action and adventure when P.I. Luke Miller makes mythical friends and confronts apocalyptic enemies.


Ostreia: This self-contained steampunk city drifts majestically through the stars. A sinister plot unfolds that threatens the city's beating heart, and new heroes must rise to the challenge.


Twisted Tales: Refreshing remixes of classic fairy tales featuring role reversals, feminism, individual empowerment, and other themes for thoroughly modern readers.



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The Free Stories Newsletter is brought to you by Sic Semper Serpent Books. We believe everyone should access our fiction free of charge. We also believe most people can afford the $1 monthly Everlasting Stories subscription, which contains the full archive of story series you can only sample here. Newsletter emails will simultaneously deliver a free story PDF to your inbox and also guilt you into paying $1/month to keep our feral authors, editors, and designers housetrained. Stay subscribed and you might even be extended an exclusive Beta Reader invite, which includes free books and other perks.

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