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Michael Strand

Content Editor

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Michael studied Literature and Philosophy at Soka University of America (SUA) in Orange County, CA and graduated cum laude in 2008 with a liberal arts degree in the Humanities. He began his editor journey by working for the SUA student news magazine The Pearl, first as a student leader and then as an alumni advisor. His background in academic work outside of the classroom stems from involvement in the Soka Education Student Research Project, where he presented papers at several annual conferences on a variety of subjects within the field of democratic educational philosophy.

After college, Michael worked as a journalist, first as a staff writer for the World Tribune in Santa Monica, CA, and then as a freelance features writer for the Sun Tribune in Morris, MN. Though journalism was an excellent training ground, it was not his passion. Today Michael loves writing, editing, and performing fiction, and has made art the focus of his career.

He lives on his family homestead in Morris, MN.


2019 - Present

Everlasting Stories Podcast

Narrator, Producer, Host, Co-creator

Core Responsibilities

  • Edit story texts for recording.

  • Record narration and character voices for all episodes.

  • Master audio for all episodes, including music and sound effects.

  • Collaborate with multiple authors to capture their stories accurately.

  • 30-60 minute story episodes published on a twice-monthly basis.


2017 - Present

Everlasting Stories Archive

Editor, Contributing Author, Curator, Co-creator

Core Responsibilities

  • Main content editor for all short stories in the archive.

  • Author of multiple story properties in the archive.

  • Work directly with authors to develop their genre fiction.

  • Set author schedules and deadlines.

  • Stories in this archive are the source material for the podcast.



The Adventures of Israel St. James

Editor, Audiobook Narrator & Producer

Core Responsibilities

  • Main content editor for all stories and journal entries in the book.

  • High-level content development directly with author and illustrator.

  • Edited and formatted the book to print-quality.

  • Ongoing marketing and promotion for the book at events and online.

  • Set to narrate and master a forthcoming audiobook.


2012 & 2018

Spontaneous Combustion Vols. 1 & 2


Core Responsibilities

  • Main content editor for all short stories in both books.

  • Reviewed all story submissions on short deadlines per event guidelines.

  • Co-hosted Spontaneous Combustion writing marathon events.

  • Managed all event and book projects with Editor-in-Chief.

  • Designed cover for Vol. 2.

Forthcoming Work



Michael is the narrator of the audiobook edition of The Adventures of Israel St. James, coming in 2020. Strand's unique mastery of sturdy narration and bold character voices makes him the correct audio professional to bring this historical epic to life. His experience in theater and as host of the Everlasting Stories Podcast makes him a solid choice for any audiobook project. See the booking information below if you want Michael to be the narrator for your book!


Science fiction so powerful, we call it Cosmic Fantasy. Vihara is a coming-of-age tale starring student Robin Sagara; it's a spiritual tapestry woven across multiple dimensions as only Michael Strand can write it. The first few stories (i.e. chapters) are already available in Everlasting Stories, with a beautiful book coming late in 2021. Artwork by Flo Minowa and an original soundtrack of electronic beats immerse the reader in a vibrant universe of mysterious power and astral destinies.


Do you like Michael’s voice on the Everlasting Stories Podcast?


Do you wish that he could narrate YOUR book?


You’re in luck! You can hire him to do just that!


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