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Michael Strand

Content Editor



Michael Strand was the editor for all of Sic Semper Serpent's books and publications (2012-2021), including four print novels as well as the Everlasting Stories Archive, which contained nine properties and many dozens of online fiction entries. He was the narrator for the Everlasting Stories Podcast, which totaled 22 hour-long episodes of narrated fiction.


Sic Semper Serpent was where he honed his skills in writing and producing fiction, audio narration, sound production, as well as print publication. 

He continues to work as a novelist, editor, and audiobook narrator.

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Everlasting Stories Podcast

Narrator, Producer, Host, Co-creator

Core Responsibilities

  • Edit story texts for recording.

  • Record narration and character voices for all episodes.

  • Master audio for all episodes, including music and sound effects.

  • Collaborate with multiple authors to capture their stories accurately.

  • 30-60 minute story episodes published on a twice-monthly basis.

2019 - Present


Everlasting Stories Archive

Editor, Contributing Author, Curator, Co-creator

Core Responsibilities

  • Main content editor for all short stories in the archive.

  • Author of multiple story properties in the archive.

  • Work directly with authors to develop their genre fiction.

  • Set author schedules and deadlines.

  • Stories in this archive are the source material for the podcast.

2017 - Present


The Adventures of Israel St. James

Editor, Audiobook Narrator & Producer

Core Responsibilities

  • Main content editor for all stories and journal entries in the book.

  • High-level content development directly with author and illustrator.

  • Edited and formatted the book to print-quality.

  • Ongoing marketing and promotion for the book at events and online.

  • Set to narrate and master a forthcoming audiobook.



Spontaneous Combustion Vols. 1 & 2


Core Responsibilities

  • Main content editor for all short stories in both books.

  • Reviewed all story submissions on short deadlines per event guidelines.

  • Co-hosted Spontaneous Combustion writing marathon events.

  • Managed all event and book projects with Editor-in-Chief.

  • Designed cover for Vol. 2.

2012 & 2018

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