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 Spontaneous Combustion 

 Volume I 


Spontaneous Combustion is the world's first book-in-a-day.


Each written in 24 hours, the 11 stories contained in this volume represent the gamut of creative fiction talent practicing in the Twin Cities circa 2012. From Mystery to Comedy to Science Fiction, no two tales are similar in style or genre. The authors wove three story prompts, given at the beginning of the day-long writing marathon, into the fabric of their fictional yarns like master costumers with keyboard looms.




 About the Artists 

Authors - Nathaniel Hicklin, Amanda Dorman, Madtheau Wollis, Josh Cook, Nate Watters, Christopher Tradowsky, Kristy Tejeda, Stich, Randy Holland, Alexander Helmke, and Jamie Quinn Jefferson

Editors - Michael Strand, T. Martin Crouse




 Care Instructions 

  • Do not expose to drooling babies, excitable dogs or other entities lacking sufficient reverence for quality pulp fiction.

  • Keep away from hot beverages and large bodies of water.

  • Display proudly on a coffee table or a bookshelf.

  • This book prefers to live with its kin, Spontaneous Combustion, Vol. II.





Pages: 124

Size: 5.06" x 7.81"

ISBN: 0615653960

Interior: Black & White

Genre: Fiction / Anthologies / Short Fiction

Year: 2012

More Spontaneous Combustion event information can be found here.

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