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 Spontaneous Combustion 

 Volume II 

Spontaneous Combustion Volume 2 Book Cover

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This bombastic collection of short stories is the second volume of the world's only book-in-a-day.


Every story in this book was composed during the 24-hour "Spontaneous Combustion" writing marathon of 2017. We gathered writers together, provided them three story prompts, and gave them 24 hours to compose a unique piece of pulp fiction. Our favorites were invited back to prose-slam their short stories for a public audience. In the end, everyone cast a vote and the people-chosen "Top Tales" were bound in this volume. Awaiting you in Vol. II of this explosive literary tradition is a powderkeg of short fiction spanning multiple genres; prepare to spontaneously combust.




 About the Artists 

Authors - Maxwell Reagan, Claudia Ionescu, Mike Lauer, Nathan Sacks, D. Zane Davis, Stephanie Olson, Claire Hoy, Michael T. Johnson, Scott Burtness, Deidra Purvis, and Randy Holland.

Editors - Michael Strand, T. Martin Crouse




 Care Instructions 

  • Do not expose to drooling babies, excitable dogs or other entities lacking sufficient reverence for quality pulp fiction.

  • Keep away from hot beverages and large bodies of water.

  • Display proudly on a coffee table or a bookshelf.

  • This book prefers to live with its kin, Spontaneous Combustion, Vol. I.





Pages: 168

Size: 5.5" x 8.5" (Digest)

ISBN: 9781543929775

Interior: Black & White

Genre: Fiction / Anthologies / Short Fiction

Year: 2018

More Spontaneous Combustion event information can be found here.

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