T. Martin Crouse

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Sic Semper Serpent Editor-in-Chief T. Martin Crouse

"I'm here with Ben Kenobi."


With a long history in the arts of Theater and Literature, T. is our fearless leader of many nyms. Tom, Thomas Crouse, T. Martin; whatever you call him, just don't call him Tom Cruise (he hates that).

Tom's strong vision is the bedrock of our creative community of authors, editors, designers, and illustrators. He gently guides Sic Semper Serpent into the 21st Century of publishing by creating forward-thinking publications like Spontaneous Combustion and Everlasting Stories.

Tom masterfully bends his storytelling skills to the craft of copywriting, and he's left a lot of successful brands in his wordy wake.


Just check out his rad portfolio


2019 - Present

Everlasting Stories Podcast

Publisher + Contributing Host

Core Responsibilities

  • Write teaser copy for all episodes.

  • Create episode cover artwork.

  • Publish new episodes through all channels.

  • Manage subscriber benefits and early access.

  • 30-60 minute story episodes published on a twice-monthly basis.


2017 - Present

Everlasting Stories Archive

Creator + Managing Editor

Core Responsibilities

  • Manage the entire short story archive.

  • Design all eBooks and cover art.

  • Author of multiple story properties in the archive.

  • Set author schedules and deadlines.

  • Write story teaser copy.


The Adventures of Israel St. James


Core Responsibilities

  • Produce the print and eBook editions.

  • Coordinate production between author, editor, and illustrator.

  • Ongoing marketing and promotion for the book at events and online.

  • Talent scouting and recruitment.

2012 & 2018

Spontaneous Combustion Vols. 1 & 2

Creator + Editor

Core Responsibilities

  • Contributing editor of all short stories in both books.

  • Reviewed all story submissions on short deadlines per event guidelines.

  • Co-hosted Spontaneous Combustion writing marathon events.

  • Managed all event and book projects with Content Editor.

  • Produced print books and eBooks.

Clear-headed Copy

Tom is using his fiction skills to craft smarter copy. It's bad news for fans of his stories, but good news for business owners looking to sharpen their brand message. Check out his copywriter portfolio: