Sic Semper Serpent is an independent publisher dedicated to restoring pulp fiction with inclusive stories told in classic, speculative genres.

   Creative Mission  

Sic Semper Serpent Creative Mission

To revive the pulp fiction of last century with progressive stories, illustrations and art for this century.

   Company Mission   

To tell stories that are good and not bad.

Sic Semper Serpent Company Mission

   Dramatis Personae   

Sic Sempe Serpent Editor-in-Chief T. Martin Crouse

Starring as

Editor - in - Chief

The tyrannical dictator of Sic Semper Serpent

Playing the role of

Content Editor

The real hero of this tale

Sic Semper Serpent Illustrator-in-Residence Jason Belden

Appearing as the

Illustrator - in - Residence

A master in the Art of the Inky Fist

Featuring a real


Because someone has to do the writing around here

Sic Semper Serpent Star Autor Nathaniel Hicklin
profile pic.jpg

With appearances by our

Managing Editor

The only one doing some real work

Plus a killer


For total brand ubiquity and ultimate world domination

Sic Semper Serpent Logo Penny Dread

   About Us   

Sic Semper Serpent sprang into this world in the summer of 2012, upon the advent of our literary event Spontaneous Combustion. The idea was to adapt a classic "play-in-a-day" theater exercise for the world of books. Our surprise was that it actually worked. And what's more, some folks even had a little fun.


Plus, we met our star author, Nathaniel Hicklin.


Editor-in-Chief T. Martin Crouse had experienced the original version of Spontaneous Combustion as a Theater undergrad, and knew it could work for short stories. The literary community of Minneapolis and St. Paul drew our editor to the Land of 10,000 Writers to launch his ambitious publishing endeavor.


After arriving in Minneapolis, T. reconnected with his old friend, Michael Strand, whom had recently returned to the Midwest from the west coast. Mr. Crouse quickly remembered Michael's natural genius. T. begged Mr. Strand to join Sic Semper Serpent. Michael reluctantly agreed, and has regretted the decision ever since.

After befriending the trained illustrator Jason Belden in the fall of 2012, Sic Semper Serpent finally had full capability to carry out its true vision: the authentic revival of pulp fiction. Stories you might find in a dime store 100 years ago, made for today.

But Sic Semper Serpent didn't become a real publishing company until Grace Larson came along and got our administrative ducks in a row. Now there's nothing we can't do.

   Our Model   

Sic Semper Serpent is a company made possible by the advent of the internet. Unencumbered by the bulky printing methods of the 20th Century, our entire business model is deft and adaptable when compared to corporate publishing giants. We’re able to operate with less waste, to create relevant content and to pay our writers, designers and illustrators above industry standards. We use new technology to revive an old aesthetic. Let’s take a more detailed look at how Sic Semper Serpent uses the new internet business model:


  • Our books are produced through a Print on Demand (PoD) service. This production method prints one book at a time, as they’re purchased - the publishing version of “made to order.” PoD is based on new digital off-set printing methods, and results in less waste than the “edition” model, which requires ordering 1,000’s of books at once and hoping to sell them all eventually.

  • Everlasting Stories is our digital short fiction magazine. You can access its full archive of stories for just $1, and sleep well knowing you're supporting our entire community.

  • There's also an Everlasting Stories Podcast, because of course there is, silly!

  • Our talent recruitment utilizes craigslist, social media and e-mail lists to crowdsource literary events, like our public-powered, 24-hour writing marathon Spontaneous Combustion.

  • Our titles are available for lower prices when purchased on eBook formats. eBooks require less overhead to produce, and can be sold cheaper without affecting our artists’ generous royalty payouts.

  • Our staff is spread across the state of Minnesota, and occasionally across the world. We use a variety of internet communication programs and resources to collaborate like next-door neighbors, no matter where we are. 

  • Our music playlists are free writers' and makers' resources, and they’re scientifically proven* to improve focus and creativity.


*These statements not evaluated by the FDA.   


Want to submit your writing to us?

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  1. CAREFULLY REVIEW our Submission Guidelines.

  2. ENSURE the work you plan to submit aligns with our guidelines.

  3. SEND your submission to t [dot] martin [at]

We look forward to hearing from you!

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